About our founder





Opal Trail’s founder, Asrah Khadr, is passionate about creating a world that is interconnected by robust transportation systems. She has improved various processes first on a regional scale and then on a national scale by designing and implementing a process improvement to the way mobile source emissions inventories are reviewed for various regulatory environmental analyses by USEPA. Additionally, she has worked with various transportation and environmental agencies on the federal, state and local levels to help ensure our robust transportation systems remain environmentally sound- whether this was through serving as a lead for the Transportation Conformity Program for the Mid-Atlantic region, conducting certifications with USDOT, or serving on USEPA’s regional NEPA team to review environmental assessments/environmental impact statements.


Opal Trail is a mere extension of Asrah’s passion in that the consulting services offered help create that interconnected world. The passion also lives beyond this to extend to improving the process to achieve those environmentally sound and interconnected transportation systems. Asrah looks forward to fulfilling those passions through Opal Trail’s service as a diverse business solution.